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We Create Beauty Professionals

Are you tired of...

Going to school FOREVER?!?!


Instructors NOT teaching you...

NOT being totally prepared to pass your state board licensing exam the FIRST time?!?!

NOT getting paid your worth???

IF your answer to any of those questions is YES...WE CAN HELP!!!!!

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Dr. Peten VS the Rest

Sasha Collins

Licensed Cosmetologist

Dr. LaKisha Johnson Peten Thank you soo much!!! I couldn’t have asked for a better class at all!! 5 hours and I learned so much about the art of nails from ombré coloring, to flower designs, rhinestones and even making my own acrylic😍 I am excited for what the future holds. (Watch out new nail tech in the city.) When I say This lady is amazing and will literally provide the training/kits and everything you need to know within the cosmetology field. Anybody interested in the beauty industry please contact her and enroll in her school. Thank you again love!!! (Waxing, Body Sculpting, and microblading certification next!)

Brittney Washington

Licensed Esthetician

This woman knows her stuff!!! I have been in the industry for 17 years and I took a body cavitation and body wax class from Dr. Peten. I previously took classes from other people but never felt comfortable enough to work. After my 5 hours cavitation class she gave me info on the procedures, risk factors, insurance possible side effects that none of the other classes ever mentioned. If i had any questions she would always have an answer. She is coming to train my whole salon this summer. SHE is the GOAT!!!

Ashley Owens-Lynn

Salon Franchise Owner

It's hard to find all of this knowledge in one person but she is truly a gift to the industry!! Dr. Peten came to my salon for the first time in 2019. I hired her to teach my staff to provide luxury manicures and pedicure services to my clients. Not many cosmetologist know a lot about providing excellent manicuring treatments so i was skeptical about how detailed it would be. She had outlines, worksheets, mannequins, lol. My stylist LOVED her and they we excited to practice what she taught them. Needless to say i hired her again for a body sculpting class and a 2 day cut an color class.  It is well worth the investment!!! She has increaded my

Amber Thomas

Cosmetology School Owner

I was referred to Dr. Peten from a fellow cosmetology school owner. She informed me that she hired Dr. Peten to teach her anatomy and chemistry chapter. I have been out of school so long and I kind of breeze over those chapters myself because most students are interested in doing hair. But I sat in on one of her classes just to see what they hype was about. She is GREAT!! How she made learning about the body systems and bones in the body interesting i have not idea. Needless to say she now teaches my anatomy 4 times a year. Great!! Because so much of anatomy is on the state test. Book Her!!! Your students will love you for it.

"To be young, gifted and black..."

Chadwich Boseman


LaKisha Johnson The Beauty College is the cosmetology college for the premier beauty professional. Offering the fastest diploma completion time all by state board, while providing unparalleled education instruction for one of the industries leading beauty professional Dr. LaKisha Johnson Peten.  

Dr. LaKisha Johnson-Peten, a native of Columbia, MS where she graduated high school from Columbia High School. She was already deeply enthralled in the beauty industry than by providing services to her high school classmates. In 2008 she started her professional educational path by attending The Academy of Hair Design in Pearl, MS earning her diploma as a licensed nail technician. Opening her first salon in 2009 A Diva’s Salon the journey started.

In 2009 she attends Pearl River Community College working on her associate's degrees and her Cosmetology degree. Graduating in 2010. From 2010 until the present day she has attended numerous training courses ranging from brow sculpting, lash application, makeup application, lash extensions, nail art, Microblading, and body waxing to ensure she would be a well-rounded stylist. In 2019 she had the honor of teaching classes at Bronner Brother International Hair Show in Atlanta, GA. In 2019 she received her Doctorate Degree of Professional Cosmetology.


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